Revolutionary Healthcare Innovations.

Eira Biotech develops nanocarriers to boost the stability and efficacy of therapeutic biomolecules. We specialise in engineering nanocarriers that target difficult-to-reach biological sites. The modular design of our nanocarriers enable us to vary the type and amount of drug loaded, protect it from damaging biological conditions en route and exploit the specific characteristics of the respective target biological sites.

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Engineered Nanotechnology.

Our current focus is on the development of nanocarriers for specific novel applications. We seek to exploit a new pathway that will allow our nanocarriers to bypass the blood-brain-barrier. In most current therapeutic methods, only two percent of small molecules administered systemically cross this barrier. Our approach will allow for much smaller doses of existing therapeutics, reducing side-effects and lowering costs for patients.

Expert Solutions.

Discovering a shared passion for using innovative technologies to develop life-changing treatments, the Eira Biotech team came together with the assistance of the Melbourne Accelerator Program at the University of Melbourne. The name Eira is derived from the name of the Valkyrie 'Eir', a goddess of healing in Norse mythology. Traditionally, many sought her aid to develop their medical skills. The Eira Biotech team holds true to the value of healing and helping others by applying knowledge, skill, and dedication to their new discoveries.

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Steven H. Wibowo
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer
Polymer Nanotechnology

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Johanna Tan
Clinical & Research Audiologist
Coclear Implant, Ear Anatomy

Yan Ting Choong

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Tristan Lawrence
Business Manager
Project planning and Commercialisation

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